How do my Students Participate

You can register as a coordinator by going to Link to be provided. You can enter as many students as you want to and will retrieve a log-in for them. This way, we can collect important data for you and send you an in-depth report on the results. That includes grades, aptitude and certificates. Just follow the Coordinators’ Instructions.

What does my school need to facilitate this challenge?

The only thing your school needs is a connection to the internet and some computers or tablets with Windows, Mac or Linux that the students can use to complete the challenge.

When will the challenge be held?

There will be a practice challenge for students and teachers that want to know what to expect. The official challenge will be available on our homepage.

Instructions before and after registration

Students don’t have to prepare or practice anything for the challenge, but there are several easy steps for you to take in order to make the challenge a successful one.